How do other shoe brands compare to Geox when things go wrong?

It is interesting to see how other big brands compare to Geox when things go wrong.

Over the past few years I have bought various shoes including Birkenstocks, Campers and posh English hand made shoes. What is interesting is what happens when things go wrong. My Birkenstock flip flops broke after a year or so and they sent me a new pair immediately. One of my Camper shoes was faulty and although I had to send them back to Spain, yes Spain, from the UK, I was refunded, no problem.

What I am picking up from the great majority of these comments is that Geox has next to no customer care when things go wrong.

Great product brands have to offer great service too.

The combination of ropey product quality and next to no customer service marks out a brand that won’t be around in the long term.


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4 Responses to “How do other shoe brands compare to Geox when things go wrong?”

  1. Laura Says:

    Seeing all these leaky shoe sole is not a good sign. I bought many pairs for my toddler and preschooler. I’m debating if I should let them wear it for an hour of outdoor play each day at the daycare. They play on grass. Has anyone gotten dirt and mud inside the “breathable holes”?

  2. Geox Leaks Says:

    My first pair of geox shoes about 5 years ago didnt let in water even after 1 year of heavy wear. But about 3 years ago, every pair has let in water. There was one pair that let in water just after 3 months of use. The most recent pair not only let in water, but the sole opened up in front and the side panels started falling off. i have to use super glue and I am so disappointed that I cant post a phone with this blog .

    When I asked about the return policy, they said we will send it to the local headquarters and they will call you about the repair cost and you will have to go and pick it up yourself after that. The sales girls at the shops just cant be bothered with me when they had roaring business from Chinese tourists who bought 3 or 4 pairs at a go.

  3. Jac Says:

    I am disgusted that my 2 year old son’s geox boots let in water after 3 months use! Cost me £48 and shop not interested in exchanging them! Will never give goex a penny of my hard earned cash again!!

  4. MrSensible Says:

    I cant believe how bad Geox Customer Service is either. My 7 year old wore his for only 14 days before the sole came away from the toe. I’ve written 8 emails over 6 weeks to them and had no worthwhile response. I’ve replaced them with Clarks which are just fine. Would never buy another pair, but not because of the holes!

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