Response from Geox

Many apologies, but comments have not been forwarded to my email box, hence some of your comments have been posted really late.

Check out the comment from James in the post before this one, he says that he works for Geox in the UK. James maintains that the Geox technology is good and that if you have any problems you can just take them back to the shop that you bought them from. He doesn’t address the issue of the lack of a customer care line from Geox HQ’s website.



4 Responses to “Response from Geox”

  1. CT Says:

    Hi, I was wondering where I can turn to regarding the bad condition of the soles of my Geox shoes when I came across your site.
    Did you get any satisfactory answer? I don’t know where/whom to turn to. There is no contact or feedback on Geox website.

  2. Pete Says:

    See the post below this one: ‘More complaints about the Geox promise’. There is a comment from a guy called James who works for Geox. Good luck!

  3. LY Says:

    I am a geox lover because of its claimed technology “breathable” and quality. i own few pairs of geox.Well, I bought a pair of geox from Australia 2 years ago. i seldom wear coz i love it very much. however i am very dissapointed with the quality claimed by geox, my geox cracks at the bottom sole on both right and left shoes. this has make me losing confidence on geoz quality as it claims to be perfectly good. I went to the geox retail shop in Mid Valley Shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but the staff there just told me right away that they are not able to help and they cannot restore or do anything about it. so what does this mean? Throw it away? This makes me even more frust and dissapointed. As a distributor how can they say such things being a ir-responsible representative for Geox. They told me to write to you and feedback instead.i tried to write to a few website US and also Italy and Malaysia distributor and also commented at geox facebook, however there are no respose at all. Terrible. if you can help pls email to me at Thanks.

    • CC Says:

      Hi LY, after 3 days and many google chains, I tracked Goex down, they are distributed under Good Rich Winner S/B(part of the Larrie group), call them at 21413648, they were surprisingly helpful as my sole craked on both sides even though the shoe was still i good condition. The lady is Joey mobile 012 3239937

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