More complaints about the Geox promise

It is amazing how many more people are coming across this blog. All very frustrated that their Geox shoes are letting in water and not able to get satisfactory replies from Geox. Let’s keep up the pressure!


41 Responses to “More complaints about the Geox promise”

  1. Bridget Says:

    My complaint is not about leaking shoes, but about no existing replies from Geox

    I bought a pair of Geox sandals in June this year. 6 weeks later I was in a restaurant and one of leather sandals broke, so I had to walk out barefoot.

    The shoe repairer said that the manufacturing was bad, which made me rather angry as they were not cheap.

    I e-mailed customer service both in Spain and also the central web page but have received no reply from either.

    This is my first and last pair of Geox shoes!!

  2. John Says:

    Bridget… I made the same decision eight years ago !!!
    I don’t know how people can follow this bad product.

    If you read the Pied Piper of Hamelin probably you can have an answer.

  3. James Says:

    I actually work for Geox in the UK and in all my time wearing the shoes over the last 4 years, I have never experienced a problem.

    The company has grown very quickly, we manufacture 28 million pairs of shoes a year and so it is difficult to handle all the consumer problems directly in Italy, however, if you return the shoes to the point of sale, or to your nearest point of sale, the problem can be resolved through the reseller.

    We are always willing to help and accept sometimes mistakes can happen, but generally our reputation exists for good quality, durable footwear, at least that’s my experience and of the majority of our consumers.

    Remember it’s just the sole unit that is waterproof where the membrane exists to expel sweat, only GEOX Amphibiox and GEOX-TEX has a waterproof upper.

    • Frank Says:

      NOW HOLD ON JUST ONE MOMENT: I actually attempted to return the product to the nearest point of sale last month, at Herald Square NYC, and was summarily rebuffed. They said that I needed a receipt, which was an impossibility in the case of a gift. I even bought $13 insoles from the store, which were comfortable until the next rainstorm. Now I go through a ritual of drying the insoles out for days before rewearing the shoes. Frustrated beyond belief. I either need new shoes of a lifetime supply of insoles, size 44 if you please.

    • Babs Says:

      Dear James I am sure you are fed up of complaints about the GEOX shoes. I wonder if you could help me as I bought a pair of golf shoes 6 months ago and they leak through the sole. The retailer is no longer in business so i am unable to take them back to my retailer. I have written to GEO SPA i now awaiting a reply. Any further advice/ help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Georgina Says:

      Hi, my daughter has a pair of Shadow Patent school shoes from geox which I purchased from amazon. They lasted 7 weeks before the sole started to come away, the patent began to peel off and they started to let in water. I cannot believe that this is what Geox produces, I can only imagine that this shadow shoes are faulty and would appreciate an urgent response to this message please? I look forward to your response.
      Kind regards

  4. Pete Says:

    I am really pleased that you have replied to this because, as far as I can make out, you are the only person from Geox that anyone has heard from.

    Why does your company not have a proper consumer contact point on its website?

    The problem is that clearly the technology for the shoes is not robust enough.

    To be absolutely clear, the water comes in through the soles, it is not a question of a porous upper.

    The experiences of the people on this blog show that this is a problem that has been experienced in both Europe and North America.

  5. Frank Says:

    I am furious. My black box toe shoes got another drenching today via the soles, especially the right shoe. I bought replacement insoles for $13 last month. They got more and more damaged with each rain wearing. I now leave the insoles to dry for days afterward in a box. So frustrating. Why advertise the amazing benefit of waterproofing when it does not exist? Store in NYC’s Herald Square refused to replace without receipt. Crazy since entire line should be waterproof. That’s the whole premise of the company’s raison d’etre. Just let me replace them for pity’s sake. Nobody ever stumbles onto this useful site before purchase, of course. Only after defect discovery.

  6. una Says:

    my sister has tried to return shoes to the shop that she bought them from and they gave her an address in Italy,no email address

    • Frank Says:

      At one post every six months, there’s not very much pressure being applied. All we can do is publicize the product’s defects, which at least makes us feel somewhat better. The only good news is that the insoles do dry out pretty well after a few days. That may well be their best product!

  7. Pete Says:

    Fair point. Maybe we should suggest alternative uses for Geox shoes? Such as for straining tea or perhaps for those people who want to wash their feet while on the go?

  8. Ed Says:

    Today was the first rain storm that I wore my Geox Amphibiox Men’s ankle boots (the one with the ornamental buckle). My pair is 7 weeks old and both boots show sign of water seepage at the top of the toe section and outside edges of the shoe’s insole.

    I still have my receipt, but I am no longer in the city that I have bought them. I’ll call my local store tomorrow and hope someone will help me otherwise I’m going to be screwed.

  9. RoCrossfire (@RoCrossfire) Says:

    Sadly, it came to my shoes also. I’m from Romania and i have bought summer Geox shoes for me & wife and also winter snow shoes for me.

    My wife complained after few months that her shoes were letting water enter through the under part. After few months my summer shoes also presented same defect. Walking outside in a rainy day got your feet soak in water after 10 min !

    Same with winter shoes, totally unreliable. Since here in Romania customer service it’s at its worst , I moved on,

  10. michelle heaselgrave Says:

    I bought a a pair of Geox shoes for my 9 year old for school as our local shoe shops were selling them as “back to school shoes”. I thought this was great on the basis that they looked pretty well made and may last him a few terms. How wrong I was – we have managed 1 term from September to January before he started to complain of wet socks – these shoes clearly are not made for wearing in the snow and rain !!! How laughable – a shoe which can only be worn in the dry weather – may as well be a strappy sandal! They are leaking water through the “breathable” sole – hilarious! What is worse is that my son now has a severe case of athletes foot on both feet caused by his feet having been in damp shoes and socks – absolutely appauled by these shoes which are clearly NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE and at £42 not cheap for school shoes. I am very angry.

    • Vincent Says:

      What type of Back to School shoe did you buy? Was it a sneaker, boot? Was it Amphibiox. Was he wearing the correct type of shoe for the activities he was doing? Does he have indoor and outdoor shoes? The water may be coming in from the top of the shoe, not the bottom. You need the store to do an infiltration test, otherwise you don’t really know if they are leaking. A common mistake with parents is that they do not realize the water is coming in through the top…… kids do like to jump in puddles……

  11. michael Says:

    How about those of us that have worn Geox shoes for years without problems…I am one of those, sorry guys.

  12. Jimmy Says:

    My brother purchased a pair of Geox shoes for me. Because I didn’t actually pay for them, I find myself not caring for them and, in a sense, actually abusing them. That being said, I have walked through rain storms and large water puddles and they have never let in any more water than any of my old shoes. In fact, they have become one of my favourite pairs of shoes of all times and I think I’ve become a Geox convert. I am sorry all of you are having rouble but I just thought I’d share this with you guys.

    BTW, I stumbled across this site when searching for a pair of insoles for my shoes. I like to swap insoles somewhat regularly as it keeps my feet nice and fresh.

  13. Colin Says:

    I bought my AMPHIBIOX waterproof Geox in Singapore, costs about $300 a pair and every time it rains, the entire waterproof upper lets in water. So, I’m not sure what the waterproof claim is all about. I’ve tried posting pictures up on Geox facebook, but I haven’t been replied since last year. It was only 6 months after I bought the shoes when it let in water.

  14. Jade Says:

    I am wondering if anyone has had any luck?

    I am an Australian and bought a pair of “waterproof” Geox shoes while traveling in Florence, Italy December 2012. By February 2013 one shoe began leaking water in.

    While traveling around USA and UK I visited the stores and sent out emails asking what could be done and the information I received was that they were happy to exchange for anything in their store but they couldn’t do much else because they didn’t carry the styles sold in Italy. There was nothing that suited my needs at their stores so I decided to wait until I returned back to Australia.

    Back in Australia I was able to get in touch with the Australian representative of Geox in March 2013. After 3 months of back and forth (mainly all my emails were asking for updates as the guy never got back to me and when he did, there wasn’t much progress) I finally call the representative only to find out he no longer works for Geox and there is no longer an Australian representative.

    So here I am now, in Australian winter, still with faulty expensive shoes, very irritated with the crappy customer service and not knowing who to contact.

    I posted a comment on the Geox facebook page asking to be contacted only to have it deleted and noone has yet contacted me, I reposted today, and again – deleted and awaiting a response. I private messaged two Geox facebook pages twice this week… no response so far.

    I believe my shoes have a 2 year warranty… but at this rate and reading other people’s complaints I am not hopeful.


    If anyone has any suggestions I’d be grateful to hear back!


  15. Brent Says:

    Geox Breathes should be Geox Leaks. I have 4 pairs of Geoxs and every single one leaks. I won’t buy another. They just leak.

    • Jade Says:

      Hi guys, a woman from Geox called Simone got in touch with me after I emailed many people and complained on sites etc. So I’m not exactly sure which way she received my complaint.

      She got me in touch with a shop that stocks Geox shoes in Australia and gave me a “voucher” (no physical voucher, she said just email her when ready – and I think it’s credit) for anything in the Geox range at that shop up to the value of my shoes valid for 12 months. I have not used up the voucher yet so I hope it will work.

      Her email address is:

      Good luck everybody!


  16. Lucy reid Says:

    Geox customer service is dire. Just returned from the marble arch store on Oxford street afte rude service and refusal to exchange or refund as apparently I was 45 minutes outside the 14 days which stas the minute you buy the shoes, which isn’t well advertised in the store. Feel misled by their returns policy and certainly won’t be shopping there again. Geox take note. Every dissatisfied customer tells at least 50 (300 for me after my Facebook update). If your customer service was more like Zappos or javari, your company would be 10 times more successful.

    • Vincent Says:

      You should contact Geox directly regarding your experience. I find it hard to believe that they would not do an exchange.

  17. andrew Says:

    I have 3 pairs of geox shoes and each of them is leaking. Never again this crap

  18. Jade Says:

    Hi guys, a woman from Geox called Simone got in touch with me after I emailed many people and complained on sites etc. So I’m not exactly sure which way she received my complaint.

    She got me in touch with a shop that stocks Geox shoes in Australia and gave me a “voucher” (no physical voucher, she said just email her when ready – and I think it’s credit) for anything in the Geox range at that shop up to the value of my shoes valid for 12 months. I have not used up the voucher yet so I hope it will work.

    Her email address is:

    Good luck everybody!


  19. Susan Says:

    Our five year old daughter wears nothing but Geox because she needs shoes that breathe. Our problem is not leaking. Our problem is the Velcro that closes the shoes and boots. She is not hard on her shoes and has never worn out a pair. Both her newest shoes and winter boots had the Velcro fail within four months of wearing them. Cost of repairs would be around $20 for each pair and a week at the shoe repair place. We had to buy new ones(different brand) as she couldn’t go a week without them. Called Geox who advised us to take them back to the store with the receipt. Store said to contact Geox. We’re still not getting anywhere. I think we’ll switch brands and poke our own holes in them so they breathe!

    • Pete Says:

      Great idea and you won’t have to pay Geox for the holes!

    • Vincent Says:

      You should have brought the email from Geox to the store. They must follow company policy. If Head Office told you to return them, they must honour that. The store at the time was following company policy, but Head Office has the right to change it. The retailer just needed proof of your correspondence.

  20. Clare Says:

    Not a complaint about the actual shoes but their customer service on trying to return a web order.
    Having followed their instructions to the letter I am completely unable to obtain the necessary ‘RAN’ to be able to return the shoes.
    I have emailed them, phoned a UK store to obtain an alternative email and telephone number, all to no avail. The number given was unobtainable and I have received no reply to my emails.
    I am a regular online purchaser as my husband will attest to and can honestly say that I have never come across such poor service.
    I will be pursuing this matter and will not let it go. GEOX you have been warned!!!!!

  21. Francisco Says:

    OK. I have the same problem. I only use one season and then: “Finnito”, Caput”, “com o caralho”, etc.
    I don’t have the receipt. What was the solution? How can I fix the problem? OR How can the shoemaker repair?

    They drink more than bread. Stupid boots.
    It´s legal do not have direct contact with the consumers?

  22. jamie khoo Says:

    I bought a pair of Compass Ambhibiox back in Feb 2014. I haven’t worn them out in wet weather conditions before, until last week. It was just DRIZZLING.

    – It’s when I realized the leather upper allows water to go in. I went home with wet socks and toes.

    – Frustrated, I took it in to the same shop I bought it at (34th & Boardway). I had with me my credit card statement which has the Geox purchase recorded.

    – The sales assistant told me they couldn’t do anything about it, but the manager stepped in halfway…. Manager then looked up for replacement pair in nearby shops, but it was an old model, so she offered instead a brand new pair (different, newer model) ambhibiox in place of the old one.

    – I walked out with a brand new amphibiox, completely pleased!

    – But upon reaching home, I read the warranty booklet which came with the shoe: I saw this clause

    “Geox guarantees impermeability of the sole, but not the upper material”… Really?


    That said, I have yet to wear this new pair in a wet weather 🙂

  23. Serena Says:

    The zipper just broke on my $250 CDN boots after 2 years! I am not happy and GEOX will do nothing for me as they say their warranty is only 1 year. Local cobbler will charge $60 to fix.

    • Vincent Says:

      Hello Serena, I am an employee of Geox Canada. It is not uncommon for shoes to break from any company, especially after two years. I also ride horses and have paid $1500.00 for riding boots with zippers… they will sometimes break and need to be repaired. Quality does not mean perfection. Every product manufactured has a warranty period, so Geox is no different. We have also had customers in our store wearing boots from 5 seasons ago, with great satisfaction and are back to pick up new styles. It’s unfortunate that your zipper broke.

  24. Gloria Says:

    I just purchased a pair of geox respira at SoftMoc, a Canadian retailer. I assumed they were waterproof. After these comments, guess who’s cancelling their order and opting for Clark’s?

    • Vincent Says:

      Hello Gloria, as a Geox employee in Canada, you may want to ensure that the shoes you were going to order are from our Amphibiox line. I own several pairs, and they are totally waterproof. I have never had wet feet. Style and use is important….. so selecting the appropriate style of shoes for the corresponding activity is important. ie; a laced Amphibiox shoe for deeper water or snow would not be as good as a closed shoe with no areas for water to seep in. The soles of our shoes are all waterproof, and I have never had any water infiltration in any of mine. After only two years with the company… I no longer wear any other shoes than Geox. The breathable technology, lightness and flexibility of the shoe makes them second to none. I hope you reconsider and give them a try.

  25. Vincent Says:

    Hello everyone. As a Geox employee, I have replied to some of your questions in hopes of helping you out. I’d just like everyone to know that we have many satisfied customers. Many of the people I see, come in to our store wearing Geox shoes from 5 to 6 seasons past. In the past 3 years, we have only had one pair of shoes come back with water infiltration. They were replaced. Our waterproof line, called Amphibiox are waterproof from the soul up, and have personally tested them myself for effectiveness. My men’s waterproof dress shoes have never let me down for dryness, even in our Canadian winters.
    One of the most common reasons for poor performance that I can see is the lack of care that people take to prepare and maintain their shoes prior and after use. This is what usually leads to quick deterioration of shoes. Often it is not the quality of the shoes, it’s the lack of care. Remember, Geox shoes are all leather, and that being said, you need to prepare and continue to maintain your leather. Geox sells fantastic shoe care that should be used before you even wear them for the first time, and after, whenever necessary. All Geox employees recommend this to their customers, but I must say that few people invest in shoe care. I personally use it regularly and most of my shoes look the same as the day I bought them….

    • Pete Says:

      Hi Vincent
      Your replies are much appreciated. I have not bought a pair of Geox shoes since I bought two pairs that started leaking water through their soles within a few months of purchase. It is interesting that people are still experiencing problems today, 8 years on from when I started this blog. I note your comments about lack of care, which may be the case in some situations, but a faulty membrane on the sole is not a question of care it is a question of a faulty product.
      All the best

    • Susy Says:

      Hello Vincent! I’m writing concerning an issue with my boots that I purchased. There is a defect in the lining and seams of one boot in the back area. I have not worn these boots for a season and it’s already like this. I purchased them at a store in Montreal Canada and they said to contact geox directly about this…..but the ” contact us” section of the website doesn’t allow you to send any emails? Can you help in any way? Who can I contact about this? Thanks!

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