Wet weather brings out more complaints

I am getting more people commenting on how their Geox shoes leaks. These shoes are clearly not fit for purpose.


8 Responses to “Wet weather brings out more complaints”

  1. Wet feet Holland Says:

    I was a big fan of Geox, ..

    but the last pair i bought realy let in watter. I have had many iritating moment on which i had to cope with wet socks.

    The biggest problem of all is that i cannot find any easy way to complain… no e-mail address of phone number.. just a fax number somewhere.

    Maybe we can file a complaint together? Because Geox does not deliver what is sells.

    Kind regards,
    Guy from holland, with wet socks.

    • Another wet feet Says:

      I’m also from Holland, but bought my Geox pair of shoes in Italy back in January. With the wet Dutch weather, didn’t take long untill they started leaking.

      It was a big surprise as they were exactly supose to be waterproof!

      Right now, a rainny day, I’m typing this with wet socks!

      Agree we should file a complaint together, as they are still selling the shoes and nowhere I can find an apology note to their customers or sending a recall.

      Another wet feet

    • Frank Says:

      You’ve clinched it for me. This is a worldwide problem with this company. I am furious after today’s rainstorm left me and my porous Geox black box toe shoes with wet socks. Barefoot as I type. No apology, no hint of any recall- keep dreaming. The store in NYC’s Herald Square said an exchange might be possible w/receipt, but they were a gift. I even spent $13 at store for replacement insoles, which of course only work until the next storm. Now I have started the ritual of drying them out in a box for days before reinsertion. It’s frustrating because they actually are very comfortable shoes in normal conditions.
      But the real benefit of the shoes should be the “waterproof” (non)guarantee. Let’s keep the pressure on. If these pages get long enough, some response would be warranted. I’m talking to you, HQ.
      Guy from Gotham, with wet socks

  2. Viktoras Says:

    Oh Gosh! The snow just began to melt in Lithuania and it’s all wet outside. I feel as if I had no shoes. My socks are all wet even before reaching a bus stop. A piece of shit. I paid 300 litas (~100 EUR) for them, it’s 1/4 of my salary, cammon…

    Never buy those, guys!

  3. Frank Says:

    Back in January 2010 I bought some black GEOX shoes/trainers at the Westfield centre in Shepherds Bush, London. Very funky looking footwear. I was reassured of the quality, etc, etc, and very happy with my purchase… initially.

    Anyway, I live in Sydney, Australia and since it was summer from Jan to April I didn’t even begin wearing these new GEOX shoes until April 2010. So I’ve been wearing them for 4 months (mainly weekends). My problem isn’t wet socks, but the rubber ‘skirting’ around the inside ball of each shoe is just peeling away from the fabric. This has left a gaping hole in each shoe. If I did wear these in the rain my feet would get soaked.

    So, 70 or 80 quid paid for about 4 months of use! Absolutely rubbish! I haven’t contacted GEOX Australia to make a complaint (I guess they must have a store in Sydney?). I thought I might wait till September when I’m next back in London and take them back to the store. If I don’t get a full refund I’ll stand outside the shop and show would be shoppers what they might be buying!!

    Pretty annoyed as I love the look and comfort of these shoes.
    Frank (London, living in Sydney)

  4. Romeo Says:

    I was checking in the web about how to write a complaint to the Geox company. And I was so surprised to see that the cases like the mine are so numerous. So, to keep It short: my “impermeable” shoes let in water. I have bought them in Tirana, Albania. When I reported them this problem, they told me that “the warranty is only 6 months”. They lied to me, and this is why I cancelled all my small hopes to resolve this problem. But, last week I was in france and at the Rome’s Airport I asked at a geox Shop, and they told me that the warranty for the shoes is 2 years. Now, do anybody have any info about how to write a complaint to the geox company, please? Thank you!

  5. Jade Says:

    I am wondering if anyone has had any luck?

    I am an Australian and bought a pair of “waterproof” Geox shoes while traveling in Florence, Italy December 2012. By February 2013 one shoe began leaking water in.

    While traveling around USA and UK I visited the stores and sent out emails asking what could be done and the information I received was that they were happy to exchange for anything in their store but they couldn’t do much else because they didn’t carry the styles sold in Italy. There was nothing that suited my needs at their stores so I decided to wait until I returned back to Australia.

    Back in Australia I was able to get in touch with the Australian representative of Geox in March 2013. After 3 months of back and forth (mainly all my emails were asking for updates as the guy never got back to me and when he did, there wasn’t much progress) I finally call the representative only to find out he no longer works for Geox and there is no longer an Australian representative.

    So here I am now, in Australian winter, still with faulty expensive shoes, very irritated with the crappy customer service and not knowing who to contact.

    I have sent an email to shopgeoxcustomercare@geox.com but I am sure I will not get a response. I also posted a comment on the Geox facebook page asking to be contacted only to have it deleted and noone has yet contacted me.

    I believe my shoes have a 2 year warranty… but at this rate I am not hopeful.

    If anyone has any suggestions I’d be grateful to hear back!


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