Even more complaints

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45 Responses to “Even more complaints”

  1. Aida Garza Says:

    I bought my son a pair of the red and blue (spiderman looking shoes). My problem is that his socks are turning pink the color is running. I called the store that I purchase the shoes from and they offered me a 20 % discount on another pair of shoes. I don’t feel the offer that was made to me was good enough

  2. Pete Says:

    I think this is a case of a brand’s marketing being more successful than the product. It will eventually become undone as more and more people realise that these shoes do not work after a short period of use.

  3. R.J. Charles Says:

    Purchased a pair of GEOX Ladies business shoes for my girlfriend as a Christmas present November 2008.

    May I say, from a major department store in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Within twelve months the so called hi-tech soles of same were coming apart. So much for the state of the art design with breathing holes built into the bottom.

    May I add my girl friend is not 50kg. in weight, does not abuse her clothing nor footware, (doesn’t kick stones nor animals on her way to work), and the shoes in question were alternated with another pair solely for work.

    I personally made contact with GEOX Head Office here in Bangkok. Buck passers at the best who couldn’t lie straight in bed. Girlfriend was finally contacted by whom I suggest was a junior female in the office and advised to return the shoes to the point of purchase to have same repaired.

    Did so the same evening and were told a charge of 800Bht. would have to be paid for materials for the shoes to be repaired.

    Is this company joking or are the Thai Agents for GEOX playing games with consumers?

    Shelf price of 2700Bht.,(AUS.$95.00) and 800Bht.,(AUS.$25.00) to replace an apparent defect in the design of the shoe which one would normally expect with normal wearing to last at least a couple of years at minimum.

    Immediately made contact with female G.M., GEOX Thailand and may I say what a piece of work this budding executive was to speak to on the telephone. Accept no responsibility, customer relations zero with an attitude that she was doing me a favour by offering to repair the said shoes for 800Bht., cost of materials only.

    How could someone take this seriously. One has to laugh. It appears Consumer Protection in Thailand from unscrupulous companies like GEOX is non-existent.

    In addition, information from the staff at the point of purchase indicated this was a most common defect of these shoes and numbers had been returned . In plain and simple terms GEOX appear to be receiving numerous returns which I doubt that they would admit unless taken to task in a Court of Law. By playing dumb and dumber with consumers they hope this problem will go away without fuss.

    In summing up, buyers beware, especially in Thailand where you have no apparent Consumer Rights.

    Hope this information assists prospective shoe buyers with regard to brand names before they hand their hard earned cash for rubbish.

  4. Ola Says:

    I bought my pair of Geox shoes from bluewater shopping mall in Kent, UK and i must say, it’s let water in barely one month after i bought it. Shame..

  5. Pete Says:

    Take them back and make a big fuss!

  6. luca Says:

    i bought 2 different geox shoes, one for winter the other for summer and after a few months they both leaked. I’m really annoyed for their poor performance compared to such a strong techonology-based marketing campaign

  7. john Says:

    After having worn a pair of Geox sandals less than 10 times the sole of 1 of the sandals split open. I sent the obviously new-looking sandals back to the factory but Geox management stated that, as the sandals were an old model and because I had worn them to the beach(!), which is not true, they would not replace the defective sandals.
    I would not expect a cheap pair of sandals to fall apart after having been worn less than 10 times, let alone an expensive brand such as Geox. I was (and again am) a very happy wearer of Ecco sandals and would recommend them, certainly not Geox.

  8. Stevenson S Says:

    i bought a pair of shoes from geox in california. within 3 months and wearing them only 3 times, the sole started to come apart from the shoe. i e-mailed the corporate site online and after a week on non reply (not even an auto reply), i called the store seeking resolution. after they told me i was on my own, i contacted my local BBB. after 2 weeks, i received a reply from geox in canada. i explained my issue and within 3 days, i received my replacement shoes. for those who want resolution, contact your local BBB.

  9. cy Says:

    I bought a pair of Geox shoes and after not even 2 months the sole has come away from the shoe!!! The response was they had to send shoes away to be tested! What do they think I do in them? Quality 0. customer service 0. I will never buy geox again.

  10. amanda phillips Says:

    I bought my son a pair of GEOX trainers,supposed to be “the shoes that can breathe” less than 8 weeks later they smell really bad inside and the sole is almost off,at £48 i really do expect a lot more unbelievable first and last pair of GEOX ill ever buy. BUYER BEWARE.

  11. Frank Says:

    Some of these stories are familiar…

    Back in January 2010 I bought some black GEOX shoes/trainers at the Westfield centre in Shepherds Bush, London. Very funky looking footwear. I was reassured of the technology/quality, etc, etc, and very happy with my purchase… initially.

    Anyway, I live in Sydney, Australia and since it was summer from Jan to April I didn’t even begin wearing these new GEOX shoes until April 2010. So I’ve been wearing them for 4 months (mainly weekends). My problem isn’t wet socks, but the rubber ‘skirting’ around the inside ball of each shoe is just peeling away from the fabric. This has left a gaping hole in each shoe. If I did wear these in the rain my feet would get soaked. The soles are peeling off!

    So, 70 or 80 quid paid for about 4 months of use! Absolutely rubbish! I haven’t contacted GEOX Australia to make a complaint (I guess they must have a store in Sydney?). I thought I might wait till September when I’m next back in London and take them back to the store where I got them. If I don’t get a full refund I’ll stand outside the shop and show would be shoppers what they might be buying!!

    Pretty annoyed as I love the look and comfort of these shoes.

    Frank (London, living in Sydney)

    p.s. S Stevenson – What’s a ‘local BBB’ ??

  12. Will Says:

    I bought a pair of walking boots at the beginning of June 2010. I will admit that I wore them a lot, but on city streets, not rock climbing or covering rough terrain somewhere.

    At any rate, despite avoiding puddles, after a walk home in the rain today, my feet were soaked through. The water appeared to come through the soles, but I must say that the lining in the toe of one shoe has also come loose and is a bit torn.

    I’ve never had a pair of shoes or boots where the lining in the front came apart like that. Sometimes, I’ve worn through the lining in the heel of footwear, but that seems more like wear and tear from my heel rubbing while I walk and also when taking them off or putting them on.

    I must admit that I often buy cheaper shoes and simply replace them (although not after only four months like these shoddy Geox). I paid more for these because I believed their own marketing hype. I thought that if any part of the spiel wouldn’t be true, it would be the breathability part… Not that they would be leaker than a pair of bargain basement sneakers… Not that the boot would literally fall apart inside after so little time.

    I gave feedback on their website and I will be interested to see their response. I feel bad about wasting my money, but realistically, there are people with bigger problems. What’s most important is that if I don’t hear back from them, not only will I not buy their shoes myself, but also I will go out of my way to advise anyone I know not to make the same mistake. I could give them the benefit of the doubt and think it’s just me who’s unlucky, but reading these other complaints has me less convinced that it’s a fluke mine are leaking and falling apart.

  13. Sue Says:

    I bought Geox Tex boots for my son three months ago, but water started to leak so much that he can’t wear them when it snows. The sales person gureenteed that they wouldn’t leak when I bought them. The company web site is even worse. When I tried to compain, there was no way..no e-mail address, no contact unless you agree to sell your privacy. I dind’t pay $100 to buy boots that leak. If you dont’ want to waste of your money, don’t buy Geox.

  14. Jacqueline Says:

    I bought a pair of sandals on July 17 2011, after a few weeks I have noticed tearing on both shoes and the leather straps that were supposed to be sewn/ glued are separating. Last week, I went to the store where I bought them (Geox St Catherine Montreal) and the Manager would not exchange them but after a short discussion, she agreed to repair them for me. I still very disappointed that a luxury brand like Geox doesnt recognize when they have a manufacturing quality. I do not expect shoes whatever their priced to last forever but summer sandals should at least last a summer.. I was extremely happy with how comfortable shoes were but to pay 150 $ for disposable shoes is not worth it.

    I just left a complaint at the Geox site but I had to accept their privacy policy.

  15. Ann Govier Says:

    have bought 2 pairs of geox shoes for my son in 1 day, within 2 days the strap came off one shoe. took em back and was given another pair. Now after 5 wks the strap has came off the other pair. cant take em back cause the lady in the shop we got em from (shoe 22) said after 2wks of purchase there is nothing we can do. Also I bought a pair last yr from the same shop and the same thing hapened after a wk. SO WILL NEVER BUY A PAIR AGAIN OR NEVER GO BACK TO SHOE 22 has they make u feel like a criminal when u go back with a broken shoe, oh and they all leaked and they smell terrible then. bye geox shoes

  16. Ann Govier Says:

    oh yes and they r overpriced,

  17. Michael Says:

    Did any of you ever get a reply from Geox wrt these problems?

  18. Anjali Says:

    i would like to know the headoffice number for geox in the uk to make a complaint. Can anyone help me.

  19. Pete Says:

    Anjali. I don’t have the number but one of the Geox team made a comment regarding the posting ‘More complaints about the Geox promise’ Aug 5th, under the name James. You might try replying to his comment.

  20. Pete Says:

    Here is the head office address in Italy
    Geo SPA, Via Feltrina Centro, 16 Biadene di Montebelluna,TV31044 Italy

  21. Anjali Says:

    Hi Pete I can’t seem to find the head office address in the uk. So do you think its best to send it to Italy?

  22. Kim Kernachan Says:

    My sons Geox sneckers the insoles came out and were all curled up now he cannot wear them,until i get insoles the Geox Respira size US 11 need to be fixed they are only purchased in October 2011,i belived i need to be given a new pair or send me insoles for these.

    Address 14 Lisa Street,unit 5
    Brampton,Ontario,Canada L6T4W2

  23. Mike Says:

    Bought a pair of Geox running shoes last August 2011. Put them away for our harsh Canadian winter and this spring afer 3 days of wear, they develoepd a tear (not a cut or sticjhes undone).. A tear aon the right shoe.
    Veery dissapointed as I thought this brand was great. Emailed Geox for info on warranty after only 3 months of use. No reply!!!

  24. nick Says:

    Thanks guys after reading all the comments ,I have changed my mind in buying a pair of Geox.

  25. M Says:

    I’m glad I found this site before purchasing my first pair of Geox… After reading the comments and complaints about poor product quality and bad customer service, I have decided to purchase another brand… I have a background in footwear purchasing and production, and have never seen so many complaints about one company continuing consistently for several years.

  26. lucian Says:

    I purchased a pair of geox respira boots about 2 months ago, they were awesome, comfy, breathable, stylish. PRICEY! but worth it. I did NOT have any water leak problems at all and I live in Vancouver… Nuff said. However, I did have a problem with the heel support giving in, and crushing, poking at the back of my heel. **painful to walk.** I went to the store WITH my receipt, showed them the issue and they promptly replaced them with their last pair in stock, **out of the display** in my size.

    Point being, at least in Canada, Geox is good in my books.

    I read this thread before going in and was really concerned about my issue!! don’t let this thread turn you away from Geox! I won’t argue with other peoples bad experiences but maybe it’s just the different countries, or stores, I also bought directly from a Geox store. Not a general retailer.

    I will edit if anything comes up or if I do get a leak, but until then they have my wallet.

  27. dave Says:

    Bought a pair of men’s Geoxx dress shoes while in Thailand. Put them away for when I needed to wear them. Wore to a wedding one time about 2 years later. Then finally had another chance a couple more years later to wear. My walk from the car to the office, let’s just say the outside soles fell apart…. split, crumbled. I had to go home at lunch and change shoes. The entire heal came off. What??? How can these expensive shoes do this when my cheap Payless shoes never fall apart? Customer service is horrible and do not offer any help. Apologize or anything. Their website says “satisfaction guaranteed — Beyond 30 days, our products are guaranteed against defects.” They do not honor their warranty. DO NOT BUY GEOXX SHOES.

  28. Florene Says:

    I do not know if it’s just me or if everyone else experiencing issues with your site. It appears like some of the text on your posts are running off the screen. Can somebody else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them too? This could be a problem with my browser because I’ve
    had this happen previously. Many thanks

  29. Michelle Wexler Says:

    I purchased a pair of ladies dress boots less than 2 years ago from Town Shoes. The leather upper has come apart from the sole. I was so dissapointed because I loved the style of the boot and for the price I thought i would get good use out of these for a few years.

  30. Amin Charkazov Says:

    I experienced a similar situation in Azerbaijan. GEOX is selling rubbish not only in Thailand, but Worldwide. I have purchased with my wife summer shoes for her at Geox store in 28 Mall in Baku in April 2013. Unfortunately, after wearing them the first time, the shoes got spoilt – the fabric, which was told to be a genuine leather teared (inside part) and a joint of bottom and upper parts partly detached. I returned them to the store, where they told me that they will take a picture and send to the head office in Italy. However, after 3 days, they told me that the shoes cannot be returned back, as my wife has used them.
    I have applied to consumer protection authorities of Azerbaijan, since shoes are usually not produced for a single time use only, hope they will solve the issue.
    This company feels irresponsible for its products and treats its customers in an inappropriate way.

  31. Babs Says:

    Any chance of information on how to contact GEOX head office so that I can contact about my leaking golf shoes.i

    • Pete Says:

      Look under the post ‘More complaints about the Geox Promise’. There’s a guy, called James, who posted that he works for Geox, you might get a reply.

  32. Geoff tan Says:

    Mine too..shoes does not work on a raining dat

  33. Vicky Says:

    Amazed and not surprised to find this site. Spent a lot of money on a pair of Geox sandals a few weeks ago. A few weeks later the soles are coming away. Unable to get my money back or any kind of customer service. Tried phoning the shop. The manager is never there and no one is willing to help. I would never buy Geox shoes again. Can’t believe how bad this company is on quality and customer service.

    • Amin Charkazov Says:

      I also tried to solve a quality problem with their customer service, no result. Then I applied to customer rights protection authorities of my country. They returned the very low quality shoes to the store and returned my money back. You can do the same. They are an irresponsible company.

  34. christine williams Says:

    Am I the only one on this site that loves Geox shoes? They are extremely comfortable, airy and well-designed and I wouldn’t buy another brand. I have never had problems with any of my Geox shoes, and I have about 15 pairs. I never buy shoes online; instead I usually buy them in one of their flagship stores so I can choose the latest models. And the shop is usually full of customers. Lots of my friends buy Geox too because the shoes are fantastic for tired aching feet and for people who, like me, walk a lot.

    • marie Says:

      you must be an employee…you know which stores are there flagship stores…a retail term that customers do not usually know

  35. Pete Says:

    Well, there have been a couple of others, one works for Geox and the other seemed like a Geox PR. I must admit your comment does sound like it has been lifted from a Geox press release. I guess this site has been found by people pretty desperate to resolve the problems they have found, which would put Geox ambassadors in the distinct minority.

  36. Massimo Says:

    I bought a pair of school shoes for my son in Blackheath, London, UK, at the end of April. He wore them from beginning of May until beginning of July. In September as school restarted he put them on again and water kept coming in through the sole. We brought them to the shop and in the first instance they wanted to refuse exchanging them claiming that kids shoes are not supposed to last more than 3 or 4 months! Now it seems they are going to exchange them after talking to Geox as they admitted they have a widespread problem with their shoes letting in water.

  37. Gene Says:

    Bought men’s Amphibiox dress shoes to wear in the office. In a few months both soles developed large cracks. After complaining Geox sent me discount coupon for my next purchase.

  38. g dockree Says:

    Not only shoes are a problem, my wife had a GEOX coat bought as a gift.When it arrived it was found to be the wring size (not their fault) however contacted customer services who basically just stalled and di nothing to help ie no reply to e mails , called and they said would deal with at once.sEEMS THEY ARE NOT CONCERNED WITH ANY AFTERSALES SATIFACTION SO WILL NOT BE BUYING ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS AGAIN,

  39. gaby Says:

    I bought a pair of moccasins shoes in 2008 after use the shoes a few time the sole started to detach from upper part. Very dissapointed considering how expensive these shoes are. Plus they are not as comfort as the they proclaim. Never ever will buy a pair of shoes from Geox again!

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