Wet feet

I don’t know whether any of you have had the same problem as me? I bought a pair of very nice Geox shoes in Bond St, London a year or so ago. They looked great and had this fantastic promise of allowing air out of the sole of the shoe, while preventing water from coming in. The benefit being cool, dry feet. They worked for a time but after a while they started to let in water, leaving me with wet socks and wet feet. This is annoying to say the least.


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4 Responses to “Wet feet”

  1. Niklas Alvaeus Says:

    Same problem with my shoes, and this is the second pair I own. Seems to be a bit of a scam these shoes. Will take them back to the shop in London.

  2. Lee Says:

    I bought several pairs when I was visiting Thailand and experienced the same problem on 3 of them (sneaker & 2 different types of loafers) a few months later. What a waste! They weren’t cheap.

  3. Pete Says:

    Check out the response from Geox

  4. Philip Says:

    Many thanks all feedback.
    Changed my mind about getting it.

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